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Dental informations

Mar 23 18


Laser is a new kind of technology that is perfectly suited to dental treatment. Laser or Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation is an optical-electronic instrument which produces a highly targeted light beam. This is a non-invasive tool and can be used to treat the area requiring attention to remove disease-causing bacteria.   Laser and […]

greffe gingivale
Mar 23 18

Gum Graft

The gum can recede for several reasons, leaving the root of the tooth visible which makes a person’s smile less attractive. A gum graft is needed to remedy this problem. A gum graft is carried out under anaesthetic. A gum graft makes it possible to reinforce weakened tissue, to cover receding gums, and to improve […]

cone beam
Mar 20 18

Cone Beam Imaging

What is Cone Beam Imaging? Cone Beam Imaging is a medical imaging technique that appeared in the late 1990s. This technique makes it possible to carry out 3-D radiological examinations. Compared to the usual scanning methods, this technique allows radiography of the whole area to be performed in a single pass, giving a 3-D model […]