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Dental informations

implant dentaire
Feb 18 20

Dental Implants: Before Surgery

There are three main steps before inserting the implants; pre-implant testing, prosthesis design, and planning the surgery.   • Pre-implant testing Before any intervention, in-depth testing is needed; this is the pre-implant testing. It involves exams.   What exams are needed before inserting the implant? • Many cases require a CT scan to get a better […]

radio dent
Feb 16 20

Dental Malposition

Under good physiological conditions, teeth are harmoniously distributed across both dental arches. The teeth are thus in perfect alignment and effectively optimise chewing and swallowing.   Definition of dental malposition Lack of space, or the opposite, because of too much space on the jaw, teeth are placed in a disordered way. The risks are thus […]

occlusion dentaire et appareil orthodontique invisible
Feb 16 20

Dental Occlusion

What is dental occlusion? Dental occlusion is the position and alignment of the teeth on the upper jaw with those on the lower jaw when the mouth is at rest. When the upper jaw teeth fit together correct with the teeth on the lower jaw, this is called good occlusion. Conversely, when the teeth are […]

malocclusion dentaire
Feb 16 20

Dental Malocclusions and Orthodontic Treatments

Malocclusion is a poor arrangement of the teeth on the upper and lower jaw.  To understand malocclusion, you also need to understand what good dental occlusion is. A lack of space in the mouth can cause dental issues and thus malocclusion, with teeth that are rotated, overlapping, and/or advanced in comparison to others. Poor tooth alignment is […]

malocclusion dentaire
Feb 16 20


Underbite is a malocclusion;  it corresponds to the fact that the lower teeth, when the jaw is closed, extend out and cover the upper teeth. In a “normal occlusion”, it is the reverse: the upper teeth extend out and cover the lower ones.  Underbite is mainly found in patients whose chin is too far forward. In medical terms, […]