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Oct 6 20

Maintaining Dental Implants

Implant treatment does not end after the surgery to insert the dental implants and prostheses. Even if implant treatment is a reliable treatment, likely all surgeries, it is a treatment that can carry risks. It is thus necessary to follow the advice of your dental surgery after the procedure. Prevention will take place at the […]

implant dentaire nice
Oct 5 20

How to Maintain Your Implant Crowns?

Bacteria build up in your mouth every day, especially on the gums and between your teeth. It is thus extremely important to make sure to disinfect these areas every evening. If this disinfection is not done regularly and carefully, just like for natural teeth, the gums and bones around the implants risk become inflamed and […]

Jul 17 20

Full Mouth Treatment

All-on-4® et All-on-6® Implant Solutions: Effective for Whole Mouth Treatment   All-on-4®  All-on-4® treatment is a good alternative for treating the full dental arch: the teeth (10 to 12) are attached to 4 implants. This implant solution has no bone grafts, allows patients to leave with a temporary prosthesis the same day as the procedure. The treatment duration […]

implant dentaire
Feb 18 20

Dental Implants: Before Surgery

There are three main steps before inserting the implants; pre-implant testing, prosthesis design, and planning the surgery.   • Pre-implant testing Before any intervention, in-depth testing is needed; this is the pre-implant testing. It involves exams.   What exams are needed before inserting the implant? • Many cases require a CT scan to get a better […]

Jan 31 20

Zirconia Crowns

A dental crown is a structure which is positioned over a tooth which is damaged, missing, or has a cavity which may or may not require a dental implant to be inserted. It is manufactured from a tooth imprint, then attached using cement on the tooth being restored, or even attached to the dental implant. […]

Jan 31 20

New Materials for Dental Prostheses

Dentistry is also profiting from technological advances and the digital revolution. Dental prostheses thus offer better quality. All types of dental prostheses are profiting from this new 3.0 era: removable prostheses, prostheses attached to teeth, and prostheses on dental implants. New materials are thus being used to create dental prostheses. This use will make it possible to […]

Implant dentaire en zircone
Jan 21 20

Zirconia Implants

An innovation in implantology makes it possible to use a material other than titanium: zirconia.  Titanium remains the material used more often for dental implants, but today dentists can also use zirconia implants. It is a metal-free implant. By definition, zirconia is a ceramic material made of zirconium oxide, an opaque, white-coloured material. This material provides a […]

implant dentaire nice
Jan 21 20

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is similar to an artificial root. It is most often a titanium screw placed into the jawbone. It replaces the root (s) of an absent tooth and serves as a support for creating a crown or bridge, for stabilising a removable prosthesis, etc.   What is an implant inserted? An implant may […]