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Oct 5 20

Endodontic Treatment under the Microscope

Endodontics consists of treating the contents of the roots, that is, the dental pulp and peri-apical infections (located inside the bone at the tip of the roots).Treatment is usually performed when the tooth nerve is infected because of a too deep cavity, a large crack in the tooth, or injury.This is called a root canal. […]

dévitalisation de la dent
Jul 17 20

Root Canals

  What is a root canal? It is required when the nerve is involved, and it is essential for making the pain stop. It may take some time from cavity to root canal. For an emerging cavity to reach the pulp and require a root canal, it takes several months or even several years. In […]

Jun 7 20

Advantages and Steps of Endodontic Treatment

  The advantages of endodontic treatment • Preservation of natural teeth and their appearance • Reduces and makes inflammation and pain disappear • Prevents dental abscess and bad breath caused by dental infections  Treatment under operating microscope: better visibility and in-depth treatment, the endodontist can see the tooth interior at up to 5 times magnification […]